Pediatric Kidney Diseases

The Division of Kidney Diseases (Nephrology) at Lurie Children’s is ranked 13th in the nation by U.S.News & World Report for pediatric kidney disorders. We have the region’s largest pediatric kidney diseases (pediatric nephrology) team, caring for more than 4,000 infants, children and adolescents each year.

Our division offers a full scope of care, including dialysis and kidney transplantation for children with kidney failure. Children can also receive multi-organ transplantation, such as liver-kidney transplantation for oxalosis or polycystic kidney disease. We are a world-renowned prorgram and our outcomes rank among the top centers in the U.S. for both transplant and dialysis. Our Pediatric Kidney Transplantation Program continues to rank among the nation’s 10 best pediatric programs and is the largest of its kind in Illinois.


Our entire staff is dedicated to evaluating and treating pediatric patients from infancy through adolescence. Our team has many years of experience and a great depth of knowledge about kidney diseases affecting children and adolescents. Our specialists include:

Our team also works closely with all other Lurie Children’s specialists as needed, including close affiliations with the divisions of Urology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Rheumatology.

The head of the division, Craig B. Langman, MD, is board certified in both pediatrics and pediatric nephrology and has three decades of experience in treating all forms of pediatric kidney diseases. He is a world-renowned expert in genetic diseases of children that produce kidney diseases. Dr. Langman is the Isaac A. Abt, MD, Professor of Kidney Diseases at Lurie Children’s and a tenured Professor of Pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. He has assembled a large group of dedicated physicians and scientists. His team works together to unravel the causes of and pioneer new therapies for children with kidney disease.

For physicians who want to specialize in pediatric nephrology, the division has the only comprehensive fellowship training program​ in Illinois, which exposes fellows to a wide array of kidney diseases. Our graduates are leaders in the field around the world.


We believe in family-centered care​, which means that we involve the whole family along with the patient to promote the best health outcomes. Our many family support services include:

  • ​A school services program
  • Family education
  • Teen groups
  • Coordination of home healthcare, as needed
  • Prenatal counseling for disorders involving the kidney

Kidney disease can cause other health problems, such as failure to thrive, heart disease, physical limitations and, sometimes, unique behavioral problems. Therefore, it is important that children with kidney disease receive care from many types of healthcare providers who jointly create a care plan. Our multidisciplinary team approach makes it easier for you to see every specialist your child needs, often in the same visit.

The division provides a complete patient evaluation in the outpatient setting at our main hospital, as well as on the kidney diseases inpatient service as needed. We offer specialized tests and kidney biopsy procedures (percutaneously [through the skin] removing a small piece of kidney tissue for inspection under a microscope) when needed. We have pioneered a new method for accurately measuring kidney function called measured glomerular filtration rate (mGFR), rather than using estimates.

Our full range of medical and surgical treatments includes kidney replacement therapies such as dialysis and kidney transplants as well as plasma exchange (plasmapheresis) and removal of dangerously elevated cholesterol levels (lipopheresis).

Our physician-researchers actively conduct research in patients and the laboratory. Our studies are improving kidney disease treatments for children, as well as our knowledge about the genetic bases of kidney diseases.


Our pediatric specialists treat children for all types of kidney diseases and their complications.  See a listing of the kidney diseases treated at Lurie Children's.


Private contributions help support our training program for fellows and their research, as well as our school services program. Gifts also let us hire talented healthcare professionals.

Your support is important in helping us continue to make a difference in the lives of patients and families. Lurie Children’s relies on philanthropic funding to enhance its programs, services and research for children. To learn more, please contact Lurie Children’s Foundation at, call 312.227.7500 or make a gift today​.​

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